Mars Needs Moms Blu-Ray

Have you seen the new Mars Needs Moms yet? Well if you have not, you need to head out and get it to bring home, because not only is it now available on Blu-Ray and DVD, but it is a really great family movie. We had a family movie night last night and Mars Needs Moms was the feature for the evening. This is a movie that the entire family can enjoy. It starts by showing how some kids can really take their amazing moms for granted. It is just a kid being a kid, being annoyed and not really realizing what a great mom he has. That is until she is taken far away from him. It hits him right away, that he loves and needs his mom so he starts his journey to save her from the aliens of Mars. Along the way he meets some interesting characters that help him in his journey to find and bring his mom home. Once on Mars he finds out that the aliens of Mars have a plan for his mom that is one he has to stop before it is too late. He meets martians along the way that are interested in the affection humans have for one another. The journey not only changes him, but changes a whole species and the way they all live forever!! This movie was amazing and it touched me when I looked at my daughter during a great scene to see her tearing up!!! So for your next family movie night, stock up on some popcorn and maybe even some tissue, and gather for Mars Needs Moms!!! We received a Blu-Ray copy for review and the bonus features are great and the extended opening was a great bonus!!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 5, 2012 / 10:54 am

    Too weird.

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