Moonlight Slumber: Moonlight Maternity Pillow

I dont know about you, but a pregnant belly can make sleeping very uncomfortable. I dont know how many times I would have to reposition myself in the middle of night. Waking up several times a night, getting more pillows and trying to lay them out just right. Then after some moving, the pillows would move and I would be up again making things comfortable for me again. I know that if I had a Moonlight Maternity Pillow set, my pregnancies could have gone so much better. I was always tired from not getting any sleep, and these pillows could have made my life and my husbands life for that matter, so much easier!! I was sent a Serenity Star Set from Moonlight Slumber to review. Not only are there some amazingly comfortable body pillows that are perfectly snuggly, but there is a nursing pillow as well. This nursing pillow can also be used as a positioner for your new baby. Then as your baby gets older, you can use this set for your little one to make their sleeping better as well. These pillows help keep you cool, which is a huge plus for pregnant women. In fact I dont just see these being for pregnancies. These pillows are just perfect for snuggling up with on those hot summer nights. I know here in Texas, even with the ac and the fan going, it still gets hot. Then when you have your spouse right next to you, it makes those hot nights even hotter. So I have found that I dont have to be pregnant to enjoy these pillows, in fact, I have been using them for myself. And if and when I get pregnant again, these pillows will be perfect for keeping me comfortable and helping me sleep!!

Moonlight Maternity Pillow – The prenatal to preschool transitional pillow.

Designed in three parts, this maternity pillow supports your little dreamer from prenatal to preschool. All together, it is a great sleep aide for expectant mothers. Helping them attain side sleep position recommended by gynecologists for baby’s health while keeping mom comfortable and cool to help her sleep. Separately it is a curved pillow and bolsters to grow with your child making the Serenity Star a purchase that your family will use and enjoy well into the future. This is one item new moms should not have to live without. 

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 5, 2012 / 10:34 am

    This would have been helpful.

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