Mythbusters Collection 7

I love watching Mythbusters. In fact everyone in our house loves watching that crazy crew tackle those myths that we have all heard of and wonder about. I love how they really do experiment on those myths that others may think to be impossible to try out. The thing is they are professionals and the myths that they attempt to bust are only to be tackled by the professionals and watched by us. I was sent the new Mythbusters Collection 7 to review. This amazing collection will be available soon, in fact this awesome collection will be here September 13th!! My family and myself are Discovery Channel fanatics, so when there are those Mythbuster marathons on, we will make of day of it if we can or record the episodes for a later date. So having this collection is just like a mini-marathon anytime we want!! I loved the Dumpster Diving episode. We have all seen those movies where someone might jump from a window, several stories above a dumpster and survive. Well they test this myth out and the results are shocking!! Before you go out and check to see if you can dive into a dumpster from several stories up, watch this episode as well as the rest from Collection 7!!

Watch the Mythbusters Collection 7 team dive into dumpsters, attempt to crash and burn an out-of-control racecar and take challenges from YouTube fans, like using a household match to light a homemade cannon! TRT: 129 minutes; SRP: $19.98; Street date: September 13, 2011.

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 5, 2012 / 10:22 am

    We watch on Netflix.

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