New Fall 2011 Bratz Dolls!!

There are some new Bratz Dolls coming to town, and they are here to stay just in time for the Fall! My daughter is a Bratz Fanatic, and she loves being able to be one of the first to get a sneak peak at these awesome dolls. She loves being able to show her friends what is to come this Fall!! We were sent some of the new Bratz Dolls that wont be available until Fall, to review. The first one we received was one of the BRATZ® ON THE MIC™ Doll Pack. This Bratz doll comes with a microphone and speaker. The microphone has four buttons that kids can use when singing along. Two of the buttons play sound effects and the other two buttons have unique music that the girls can use when singing along. The sound effects are awesome and they can be used to change your child’s voice while they are singing. My daughter just adores this doll, she loves the rockstar style clothing and since she loves singing this was a doll that was right up her alley!! 

The other doll we received for review was the MASQUERADE BY BRATZ™ Doll. These dolls are perfect for those Fall Halloween events. My daughter is already having me look for a costume to match her Bratz masquerade doll. These Bratz are hidden behind beautiful masquerade masks. These dolls also come with a mask that your Bratz fan can use for themselves. These dolls bring their sassy fun into your Fall Halloween fun. My daughter loves the doll she received and has loved sharing her new dolls with her friends. These dolls are available at stores like Target and Toys R Us!!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 5, 2012 / 1:09 pm

    I like my daughter to play with dolls that portray a positive roll playing experience.

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