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My daughter has thick curly hair. It seems as though it never fails, every year she gets at least one infestation of lice. It is horrible. We have to give everyone in the house treatments, treat the entire home and do follow ups. Then we just pray that she will finish the school year with out getting them again. Kids go to school with lice all of the time, and we as parents have to check our kids. Especially if they start scratching their heads. I check my daughters hair on a regular basis, that way if someone brought those little pests to school and she gets them, I can take care of them before they get really bad. It sucks. And it seems as though those nasty little pests do not care what time of the year it is. Last year they had a pajama day at school on the last day before the Christmas vacation started. They got to watch movies all day and when I went for the party I had noticed that the girls had done each others hair, well that weekend she went to her dads then when the first Monday of the vacation came, we took her to see my parents for Christmas. My sister does not have kids and when we were doing my daughters hair and she saw something move on her head, she about lost it. My poor baby girl was embarrassed and was freaked out that there were bugs in her hair. I am pretty sure that when the girls had done each others hair at school on that last day, my daughter got lice. That also meant that we were probably not the only family having to deal with the situation over the holidays. Lice are pests, and they are very annoying. I have learned over the years that not all parents notice if their kids have lice. I had to notify the school when we got back from the break and it turned out that quite a few kids in her class had lice as well. I know that just dealing with them on my daughter makes my skin crawl, I could not imagine being a teacher knowing that the majority of the class had lice. We decided that we were so done dealing with those pests and that this year we would change the outcome of a outbreak, by using preventive treatments. I was sent a pack of Fairy Tales Hair Care for Children products to review. This set is great for preventive care. I saw that they also have products to help treat a outbreak as well. I have been using them on my daughter, and so far so good. I did look up some of the ingredients online and I love that there are many references to using Rosemary to repel lice. So I feel confident that this stuff will work and we wont have an outbreak this year!!

Did you know that 85% of all school districts in the U.S. report at least one case of head lice every year and that the majority of the 12 million cases reported annually occru in preschool and elementary school-aged children?

Fortunately, lice can be prevented.   The Rosemary Repel hair care collection, fromFairy Tales Hair Care, is safe for daily use. The natural formulas are infused with organic rosemary and citronella oils and are proven to effectively and safely repel lice – without the use of harsh chemicals.

Being that September is National Lice Awarness Month, Fairy Tales Hair Care has also launched the new (and free!) “The Facts of Lice” iPhone App to provides real alerts of outbreaks at the local level.

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 4, 2012 / 9:43 pm

    Never had to deal with lice.

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