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We all love a bit of luxury every now and again. I think that buying luxury bedding or bath products, really makes you feel good. You tend to enjoy and appreciate them more for the fact that you will use them more in those forms. I love being able to lay down on some luxurious sheets, or after taking a nice long relaxing bath, get out and use some luxury towels or a very soft, luxurious robe. With a nice bath robe, I know I personally do not feel one bit rushed. I can take my time getting ready, because not only do I not have to worry about a towel coming off or getting too cold, but with a really nice, soft, luxurious robe, you feel pampered! I was sent a very nice and luxurious bath robe from Peacock Alley to review. I love how soft it is, I love how I feel like I do not want to nor have to take it off after a nice long bath. When I get my “Me” time, I try to take advantage of the entire time. I get out my spa oils and salts. I get my favorite scented candles and light them. Then I draw my bath, and use some of my favorite bath salts and oils. Then I relax. I try not to think about anything and clear my mind. My husband usually takes the kids out, or keeps them busy. I take my “Me” in the evenings sometimes after the kids are in bed. Basically when I know that it will be quiet so I can relax and clear my mind. After taking my bath, I love being able to put on the Bamboo Bath Robe, then just being able to take my time to get dressed. Not only is this bath robe very comfortable and perfect for those “Me” time, at home spa moments, but it is very absorbent as well as naturally antibacterial. This bath robe is going to be perfect for this Fall, when the weather gets cooler and keeping a comfortable, warm robe on, will be a must! You can find the Bamboo Bath Robe as well as many other amazing products over at Peacock Alley!!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 4, 2012 / 9:42 pm

    I'll bet you've enjoyed that robe.

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