Tea Collection Fall Line Clothing Review

You know with kids, it seems like I am always looking for new clothes for them. I know that this year the back to school clothing shopping was a whole lot more fun with my daughter. She loves to shop and her sense of style is amazing. She seems to show more and more of her personality with her style. Well we were sent some amazing pieces from the Tea Collection to review. These outfits made for some really great back to school fall clothing!! My daughter loves dresses and the Artensana Floral Dress is right up her alley. This dress is great for the warm start of the school year, then when it gets cooler out as we head into fall, she can wear tights or leggings underneath her dress along with a undershirt.

Estrella showing off her new dress!!

My daughter loves her Maxi Dresses and the Jardin Azul Maxi Dress is the perfect addition to her collection! I love the flowers and the colors and she loves the flowers as well, she loves to accessorize and the colors are perfect for her to play with when it comes to adding to it!!

I know that when the weather starts to cool down, the mornings can be a little chilly and the hoodies from the Tea Collection are perfect for kids to wear to school. My daughter loves hoodies that keep her warm and are easy to get off if needed, so the Dulce Dolman Hoodie is going to really come in handy this fall!!

My son started Preschool this year. It was kinda of a big deal because he was never supposed to be able to play with other kids due to the condition he was born with. So, sending him in style was just something I had to do. We took him and allowed him to pick some clothes out and he was also sent some clothes from the Tea Collection as well. My son insisted that the first day, he would wear what he wanted since his sissy chose her own clothes that day. But I only agreed because to this because the days following I got to choose what he wore, lol. Well that second day I went with the Chapultepec Polo that he was sent. This polo went really great with a pair of khakis. I love the colors, and with my sons bleach blonde hair and blue eyes, the colors really looked great on him. He looked so handsome heading into school. So suave!!

My son was also sent some Surplus Playwear Pants and a Superstars Tee. This set is going to be perfect for the upcoming fall weather. My son loves wresting and a friend of mine had given him a wrestling mask, that he wears quite often when playing, last Christmas. So when he saw the shirt he was very excited since it had wresting masks that are similar to his.

In all I love the clothing from the Tea Collection and the new Fall Arrivals are perfect for this upcoming Fall season!! You can find the clothing I reviewed and other outfits now over at the Tea Collection!!
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I was sent the clothing for review purposes. I was not paid to say anything all opinions are my own!!


  1. Laura Lane
    November 4, 2012 / 9:53 pm

    I wonder why they call their company Tea?

  2. Rose-Marie
    September 3, 2013 / 3:39 pm

    This is great! I never heard of this site before, and I'm always surfing for nice online sites for kids. Prices sound good, too!

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