6th Street Massacre Review 2011

Yes, it is that time of year again. That time when all of the ghouls come out to play tricks and where you hand out all of those yummy treats. It is also that time of year, where we search out a good scare! I am a big baby when it comes to getting scared, it does not take much. That said, I once again sucked it up and made myself go through one of the scariest haunted houses I have ever been to. Last year I had my husband to hang onto, and I did just that, I held onto him through most of the haunted house at the 6th Street Massacre in Amarillo, TX. Now I thought after last year that it could not get any scarier, but I was wrong, And to top it off, my son had his little friends over on the night that I was to do my review, so someone had to stay with the kids. Sure, I could have chickened out and postponed the review for a day that I could have my husband to hang onto, but I know that he would make fun of me for that and I would never hear the end of it. So, I sucked it up and went all by myself to the 6th Street Massacre Haunted House. I had to keep my eyes open, I had to walk through the entire thing in order to get out. I did not have someone I could hold onto, and the entire time I was walking through, I kept thinking that this next turn has to be the exit!! I did take notice to the amazing scenes and the actors. I did take notice to the creepy girl who could bend her body in ways that should not be humanly possible. I did take notice to the very scary woman who led me through this haunted house, noticing that she too is part of this place, and should I really trust her to lead me through? One thing that almost made me run and turn the other way was the evil clown looking thing that was riding a tricycle out in the front of the haunted house. I dont do clowns, and I was already in the lobby when I saw him. I just tried not to look at him, and I just prayed he would harass the others that were waiting to enter the haunted house. I got lucky! The work that was done on the costumes and props was amazing. To almost completely redo the entire haunted house from last years theme, and add even more to the deadly evil theme of this year just amazed me. I was also very impressed with the 3D features that just gave this haunted house that extra that made it even more amazing. I know that it had to take a team of incredibly twisted, and genius minds to come up with this evil haunt. From the effects that most only find on a Hollywood set to the actors who are dedicated to their parts. In all the 6th Street Massacre in Amarillo was again a very scary and very impressive haunted house and if you are in Amarillo or plan on coming through Amarillo during the Halloween season, then you have got to check out this amazing haunt!

This is what I trusted to lead me through the haunt!

This thing was riding the tricycle out front!



  1. Ehrhart4
    October 22, 2011 / 9:39 pm

    it was fun to take you thru. See you next time

  2. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 10:03 pm

    This is the comment.

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