Crib Life Dolls (2011 Holiday Gift Guide)


This fall, girls will go gaga for the CRIB LIFE crew, seven fashion forward tots that were simply “born awesome!” Whether it’s catching their favorite bands or shopping the latest fashions, you never know where this posh playgroup will end up next. The world is their playpen, and girls are invited to get to know the CRIB LIFE crew with any of seven collectible CRIB LIFE dolls, each featuring a special code that allows girls to get inside the “crib” online at (website available for a limited time only; each doll sold separately). Log on and you may find these diaper wearing divas jamming on their guitars or dancing the night away in their cribs. You never know what will happen next! Hang out with this crew and you too will find out CRIB LIFE, it’s a good life!

Don’t judge these babies by their binkies – the CRIB LIFE crew is a cast of tots that were simply “born awesome!” Each funky and fashionable CRIB LIFE doll has a unique style that matches her personality and attitude. Girls can collect and connect to six CRIB LIFE CUTIES characters: girly-girl SARINA CUTIE, sporty LULU LAKE, free spirit MAKAYLA SONG, music-loving ELLA SONG, tech-savvy LILY SWEET, and confident and worldly HAILEY HULA (each doll sold separately). Each CRIB LIFE doll comes complete with a keychain and a doll charm featuring a special online code that unlocks a CRIB LIFE character’s world of fun and adventure at (website available for a limited time only). On the interactive website, girls can meet the CRIB LIFE crew and stay up to date by reading the latest babble in “Crib Chat.” With a special code, girls can also play fun-filled games, check out videos featuring the crew and customize a “crib” of their own. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 6:08 pm

    Those are cute.

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