Groovy Girls Special Edition Dolls (2011 Holiday Gift Guide)

I know that when looking for a special gift for that special little girl, you want to find something that they will love and remember. Like to commemorate certain holidays or occasions. That is what I love about the Groovy Girl Dolls. They have dolls that are perfect to give the little girl in your life. My favorite dolls for this time of year are the Halloween and Christmas dolls. Over at Genius Babies, they have the Groovy Girl Dolls that are each different and each have their own personality. I received some of the Halloween Groovy Girl Dolls and some of the Christmas Groovy Girl Dolls! I love that with the two Halloween dolls, they each have a different costume on, which is just like other little girls who are different and choose to dress different for Halloween. I love the little witch and the vampire, they are so cute and my daughter loves them as well!

Then the Christmas dolls are perfect for giving that special girl for Christmas! I love how sweet these dolls are, they are so cute and festive!! This year when you are looking for a special gift to give a special little girl, check out the Groovy Girl Dolls over at Baby Genius and get your Groovy Girl Dolls today!!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 4:19 pm

    Your photos are missing.

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