Homedics Swedish Massage Cushion w/ Heat (2011 Holiday Gift Guide)

I dont know about you, but I love getting a massage. The thing is there are times that I could really use a massage, like in the evenings, but there is not anywhere I can go at that particular time! My husband and I feel the same way. Now I do give my husband massages, but I dont have the tools to provide the heat part that helps with relaxing your muscles. Now I could go out and get those shells that you can heat up and use those, but what about those other times when I am the only one up or the other way around, and we could really use a massage? One thing that my husband and I have thought about getting was a massage chair. That way we could get a massage whenever we wanted one. But I would have to have the heated massage to help relax the muscles as well. I had seen the massage chairs at the pharmacy and I have tried them out before. But when I have looked into buying one, I could not figure out which one I would go with. Well my decision was made a little easier when I was sent a Swedish Massage Cushion With Heat from Homedics. Not only is this a great massage chair, but it has the heat that I was looking for, and I can store it away when I an not using it. I found this chair to be great to put on my computer chair. It fits perfectly, and when I end up spending a long time on the computer, my back can really get to hurting. Having the massage cushion right there does make a huge difference!! This cushion has 4 nodes that move up and down on your back. It has 3 programmable settings, a full back massage, a upper back massage or a lower back massage. It also delivers some very soothing heat, which I just love when getting a massage. This cushion is so easy to attach to just about any chair with its integrated strap system! Not only did this chair make for a great addition to our computer chair, but I think that the Swedish Massage Cushion from Homedics would make a great gift for anyone this holiday season!!


  1. ivana
    November 3, 2011 / 10:21 pm

    oh, i tried one of these at the store and it was AMAZING i didnt want to leave! absolutely would make a great gift for someone!

  2. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 4:17 pm

    That would help an achey back.

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