Kamenstein Revolving Spice Rack with Dispensing Bottles (2011 Holiday Gift Guide)

Over the holiday season, we tend to do quite a bit of cooking. When we cook, we love to use a lot of spices. We love to use a variety of spices, and it seems as though we are constantly going through our spice collection! We received a Kamenstein Revolving Spice Rack with 16 Dispensing Bottles for review! This is perfect for our spice collection! The spices are so fresh, and the spice rack comes with 5 years worth of free refills!! I know that this year for the holiday season, when we are cooking and baking, we will be using an amazing assortment of fresh spices to season our food with. This great spice rack is perfect to put next to my stove for easy access, and it also makes for a great space saver on my counter tops! So instead of having numerous spice bottles put out on my counter, I can have the spices I need to use, but just use them and then put them back in the spice rack!!  Each of the jars feature a one-click, self dispensing design, which provides 1/4 of a teaspoon of spice at a time. These jars also feature a pop up sift and pour cap. This spice rack has made a perfect edition to our kitchen, and when you are out looking for that perfect gift for that cook in your life, then get them a Kamenstein Revolving Spice Rack with 16 Dispensing Bottles!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 9:47 pm

    I keep my spices in the freezer.

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