MAM Rock-a-Bye Party! #MAMBabyUSA

Babies are so much fun! I think the only time we really get a chance to celebrate babies is at baby showers and birthdays. Well I was given the chance to host a party just for babies!! I love babies and all they stand for, they are so cute and adorable and something that is even cuter than one baby, is a room full of babies!! That is what we had going at my house earlier this evening. We even had babies that were still inside their mommies tummies! This party was a MAM Rock a-Bye Party that was provided by MAM. At this party we were given a some fun birth certificates that the mommies could add a photo of their baby to then fill in the info on and save as a keepsake! Since we did not have all of the babies present so to say, I just gave the moms the birth certificates to take home and fill out when the new babies came and for the ones that had babies that were present at the party , they could add a picture of choice and add it in their own time!! Since we had a few expecting moms at the party, I decided to do a baby shower like party!

Once the guests arrived I gave each one of the mommies a great party favor pack that included one package that contained two MAM Night Pacifiers! These pacifiers are great for little ones to use and they glow in the dark, which I know as a parent can be very handy when searching for a paci in the middle of the night! The guests also received two bottles one was a MAM Anti-colic 5 oz bottle and the other was a MAM Anti-colic 8 oz bottle. The anti colic MAM bottles are perfect for preventing that dreadful colic that can occur in newborns. Colic is basically gas that is in the babies tummy that causes them to be very uncomfortable and fussy! The nipples on these bottles is great for breast feeding moms, since the nipple is very soft it is easy to switch back and forth! There were some MAM Training Brushes which are perfect for babies 6 months and up and each guest also received a Oral Care Rabbit which is great for cleaning and massaging those precious little gums in a babies mouth! Each of the guests also received a Cooler, which is a teether that is BPA free and designed to reach the molars. Along with the great products I gave each guest a Tips For Oral Care Guide that is great for parents. This guide can also be found and downloaded online on the MAM website. During the party we went over some of the tips that were in this guide and discussed some issues with oral care on babies. I know one thing that came up and we talked about was the fact that when you put your fingers in some babies mouths, especially when they are teething, you get bit, lol! So I would suggest that you use the bunny gum cleaner up until the teeth start coming in, then turn to some of the other MAM oral care products like the Bite and Brush!!

During the party and the discussions, we had little ones roaming and exploring. The babies enjoyed themselves and the ones that were mobile, played with each other. After we discussed some of the products and talked about babies for a little bit we went on to playing some games. The first game we played was Test Your Baby IQ. I had everyone write their names on a slip of paper then put it in a bowl. We took turns picking names from the bowl. When someones name was picked they had to answer one of the questions I had for them after each question was read and the participant answered, I went over some facts that pertained to the question that were provided to me for the party! In all this party was fun, both the moms and babies enjoyed it and even the moms to be had fun!!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 4, 2012 / 1:35 am

    What sweet pictures.

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