Potette Plus Review

I dont know how many times we have been traveling in the car and we hear our kids say that they have to go potty. I am not fond of stopping at some of those restrooms at rest stops and letting my kids use them. Some of those restrooms are so nasty, I want to wash my shoes before getting back in the car. Now I know when I was little my mom would take us behind a bush before taking us to a nasty toilet. Or when we were no where near a toilet and someone had to go, we would pull over and mom and dad would open the passenger car doors and we would go potty between the doors, lol. Kids little bladders are just that, they are little and when you are driving long distances, you tend to drink and snack a whole lot, then little ones have to go a whole lot. You cant blame them, and you also dont want any accidents in the car. So the only thing you can do is pull over a try your best to give them some privacy so they can potty. I was sent the perfect companion that I wish I had a long time ago. It is a portable potty that I can carry in the diaper bag or in the back of the car, that is sanitary and I can set up for my kids to use for a very simple potty break!! I can take this cute little potty with me into those nasty bathrooms, and instead of putting my kids on a toilet that I dont feel too comfortable about, I can put them on this handy little potty! It is called the Potette, and I was sent a Potette Plus for review! You use disposable liners with this little potty that can hold up to 5 ounces of liquid. It is made to suit little ones from 15 months up to 50 lbs!! This is going to be perfect for taking on camping trips as well! I dont know what I did without this little lifesaver, but I will not go places with my kids with out it anymore!!!!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 10:05 pm

    This would be handy.

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