Superyard Colorplay Review (Preparing For Baby)

Toddlers can be so much fun, but when you are out at a game with the older kids or at a party, they can be quite a task to keep up with. You might end up spending your entire time chasing after little ones at your older kids game, then doing what you went for, watching and cheering at the game. I know my daughter does not like that. It can really hurt her feelings when I am at one of her games and I disappear because I am chasing after her brother. I personally rather have him by my side and occupied, while I can watch and cheer at her games. Well you can guess when I was given the chance to review a Superyard Colorplay, I was relieved to have found something. Finally a solution to the wondering, curious child syndrome that my son has. I can easily set up this play yard at the game, put some toys in, then put my son in, grab my lawn chair and enjoy my daughters games!! The Superyard has also become a fun place for my sons friends to join him in, and his friends moms are just as relieved as I am to have a place to put the kids, lol. My son likes it, he can sit inside the enclosure on the grass, and roll his cars around without having them get loose from him. My daughter loves that I have this now, she can play her game with her team, and look over to see me watching and cheering instead of chasing her brother around!! You can use this great super yard at home, the park or even at the beach. It is perfect for little ones 6-24 months, but my 3 year old likes it and loves to play with the other little ones we put in there with him! It comes with 6 30×26 inch panels that set up to give your kids a 18.5 square feet play area. There is also a 2 panel extension kit that you can get, that expands up to 34.5 square feet!! You can find the Superyard Colorplay at Toys R Us!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 10:05 pm

    I had one. It wasn't stable enough for my child.

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