Are you prepared for the Winter Season? (Guest Post)

Are you prepared for the Winter Season? 


Even though the year is barely into November it’s starting to feel a lot like winter! Definitely time to prepare for the chilly weather coming soon. Many are beginning to light up those fireplaces and are warming up by the hearth.

Whether your hearth is brick, stone, granite or marble, accessories such as fireplace screenswood racks, fireplace tools and bellows would make a great addition to design and function. These types of quality products can last for years and years.

This time of year you can find a variety of beautiful fireplace screens available in numerous designs and sizes. Considering your fireplace is the center of attention in most rooms it is important to have a beautiful screen to showcase it. Inviting family and friends to sit and be warmed and comforted by the heat and magical glow.

As the weather starts to change and snow begins to fall remember to keep firewood dry and organized with study and durable wood racksThey are offered in a variety of lengths and style with vinyl covers available to protect your logs from rotting and getting to wet to use properly. If you experience problems getting your fire to start, try fatwood nature’s finest natural kindlingIt comes pre-split and ready to use and the resin has a nice piney aroma. Fatwood will make you look like a genius when you’re starting a fire.

Once you have that wonderful fire started, wouldn’t it be great to keep all that warm heat inside? Insulated curtains are the perfect blend of fashion and function, designed to minimize drafts, create darker sleeping areas and protect carpet and valuables from sun fading. Today’s smart choice in beautiful window covering,insulated curtains have a significant ability to impede cold air from entering the room. There by also lessening the load on the rooms heating system. In today’s tuff economy anything you can do to reduce energy consumption is a step in the right direction. They look great too! And they are available in a wide range of fabrics and colors.

If you’re looking to get prepared, Plow & Hearth offers quality fireplace screenswood racksfatwood and insulated curtains at great low prices.

About Plow & Hearth

Plow & Hearth began as a small retail store in Madison , Virginia in 1980 and has grown to become a respected national catalog, retail and Internet company with more than 5 million customers. For over 30 years, the company has been a trusted source of unique, enduring products for the hearth, home, yard and garden, helping customers create an environment that is comfortable and welcoming, warm and personal. As part of their product development initiative,
Plow & Hearth works with artisans and manufacturers around the world to develop innovative products created from uncommon materials and crafted by hand. Special consideration is given to those products made with environmentally friendly materials as well as products that will encourage customers to be more environmentally responsible, such as composting products and energy savers. Every item they sell is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The Plow & Hearth Family of Brands also includes quality toys from HearthSong® and Magic Cabin®, weather instruments from
Wind & Weather®, innovative solutions from Problem Solvers® and unique home and garden décor from WinterthurStore®.

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