Baby Steps: Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

I know that when I became pregnant with my daughter, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I did not know what the pregnancy was going to be like and what I should expect. I did not have a clue what labor was going to be like, and I did not know what it was going to be like with  a new baby in my life. I was aware that I needed to eat healthy and take care of myself while I was pregnant. That meant that I had to give up my caffeinated sodas and coffee. I also had to quit smoking cigarettes. I quit smoking right after I found out I was pregnant. I literally left the doctors office and did not smoke again. With my soda addiction, I went and bought some caffeine free sodas and weened myself off of soda. I did these things because I knew that they were not good for my unborn baby, little did I know how harmful caffeine and cigarettes really were. I learned through my studies that these horrible products can be harmful to an unborn babies placenta, their source of life. Knowing that, I felt really bad that I had smoked and drank caffeinated products in the first few weeks. After learning this, I wanted to know as much as I could about pregnancy and infants, so I could make sure my baby was healthy and happy. I was lucky enough to have a aunt, who I was close to, who was a nurse practitioner. Not only did I have my books from nursing school to reference to, but I also had my aunts books that she had from her studies as well as her to go to if I had any questions. I know that most of us had heard of colic. I honestly was not aware of how common colic was, and how a baby got colic. Colic is not like a contagious ailment. Any baby can get colic, and I learned after having my daughter, that there is a lot of work involved in relieving a babies colic. Colic can be gas or discomfort, and babies cant talk to tell you how they feel, they cant relieve their gas and they need someone to help them with it. Some babies get more gas than others, and my daughter was one that did get a lot of gas in her belly. I learned that by using something as simple as Karo Syrup can help a baby with colic. Another thing that I learned can help is simply swaddling my baby, holding her close, or gently rocking her. I did try these things and I found that they did help but the Karo Syrup was my savior! I would just add a small amount of Dark Karo Syrup to a bottle and it made the feeding much easier, then after feeding it helped relieve the gas that had been building up in her little tummy. I know that even though I had knowledge of the issues that you can face with a new baby, having a resource that I could go to with just a click of a button, I might have been more comfortable when taking care of my baby. Recently I was introduced to an amazing site full of information that I wish I could have had access to before. I find that this site will come in handy for future pregnancies and babies, even though I have already had two babies previously, I found that after having my son, not every baby is the same! The site is called Baby Steps, and it is a site that was put together by Huggies and Enfamil and put up by Walmart! This site is full of information that can be very helpful to any mother who is expecting or a parent that has questions about their baby. It is also very easy to use, you first choose a category, either feeding or changing, then you go to the next step, the product filter, and choose your babies age and weight class. From there you click to see results. You then choose which category is the one you have a question about, then watch the video. I found that watching the video, seeing how to do the different methods of relieving colic, to be very informative. My books did not do that, nor did someone just telling me what to do. I mean, sure you can read about ways to do things, or be told what to do, but seeing it would have been more helpful! Just in the feeding section for a new baby, I found lots of information that I find to be very helpful and informative! Check out Baby Steps today and take a look around, even if you dont have a new baby, you might know someone who had questions that you can share this amazing site with.

Here is what you will find at Baby Steps:

Changing Solutions:
• Baby Potty Basics
• When to Call the Doc
• Changing a Diaper
• Diaper Challenges
• Diaper Essentials
• Potty Training

Feeding Solutions:
• Good Nutrition
• Formula Feeding
• Bottle Basics
• Solid Food


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  1. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 2:44 am

    Colic was a problem with one of my babies.

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