Bright Starts Ingenuity Bouncer (Preparing For Baby)

I love getting ready for a new baby. I think that I am not the only one who feels this way. From the time you find out you are pregnant to the day you give birth, you generally have about nine months to prepare for that new bundle of joy!! I do like to wait to get most items until I know what sex the baby will be, but I also dont want to be waiting until it is too late to shop for a new baby. With my son, I had to do most of my shopping online, since I was on full bed rest and I was in the hospital more times than I would like to remember. I was not supposed to be walking around shopping, and my husband was working a whole lot, so I did my shopping from home. I know that this next time around,  I really do hope to be able to do most of my shopping in store. When I had my son, I ended up having a baby shower at the Ronald McDonald House, since my doctor would not let me go back home for the last few months of my pregnancy. I did not get to really go any pick out items for a gift registry and I made my registry from my computer. I dont think that I had covered all of the items we needed, so this next time I have a list of items, and I am constantly thinking of items that I might want to add as I come across them, just so I dont miss anything. Recently I was sent a great baby bouncer. Now with my daughter, I had been given a baby bouncer at the shower. With my son, I did not even think about a bouncer until I realized how much I really needed one and I had my husband run out and get one, lol. I did not get to choose what he got, I had to rely on him, and for a man, he did not do too bad. This time I will go with something that I have researched and I know. I know the Bright Starts line of products, and I have been really interested in the Ingenuity line of products. I was sent a Ingenuity Automatic Bouncer. This bouncer is not like the others I have had. This one has a special technology in it that allows the bouncer to bounce by itself. So you do not have to constantly bounce a fussy baby. The bounce is smooth and consistent, and it mimics a moms bouncing motion! It also plays 10 melodies and nature sounds, which also aide in soothing a fussy baby. This exclusive technology is called the Hybridrive, not only does this technology allow for the bouncer to self bounce, but it extends the battery life up to 2x longer!! In all, I am very impressed!! When you are preparing for baby or even looking for a great gift to give to someone at a baby shower, then get the Bright Starts Ingenuity Bouncer!!!


  1. Jessica B.
    November 17, 2011 / 12:39 am

    This looks very soft for a newborn and I love that fact that it self-bounces. The one I have does not. I wish I would have gotten this one when my son was little.

  2. Jeff King
    November 27, 2011 / 6:08 pm

    Having a baby bouncer that works automatically is a great thing to have as a the bouncing would be more consistent than doing it themselves as far as the bouncing motion.

  3. Janet W.
    December 28, 2011 / 12:41 pm

    My grandson has one of these and he loved it when he was a newborn. Such great quality and very comfortable!

  4. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 12:13 pm


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