Cars 2 Review

The wait is over and Cars 2 is now out and available on Blu-Ray and DVD!! We were sent the Blu-Ray Disc set to review. My son is a huge Cars fan, he loves Mater. He has a whole bunch of McQueen and Mater products from toys and clothing to a Mater poster that he has up in his room!! Even his furniture and bedding is all Cars themed!!! In the very anticipated Cars 2, McQueen and Mater hit the road and go overseas to compete in the World Grand Prix race!! Things get a little tough when Mater gets caught up in the very interesting world of espionage and he is put on a very top secret mission! There are new characters that they meet along the way and find to be friends and some to be foes. I know that this movie was greatly anticipated by my son over the summer when it hit theaters and he loved being able to see McQueen and Mater on the big screen. Now that he is able to watch his favorite characters at home, it is like a daily thing for Robert to have us put his new favorite movie on! Another plus with this movie is the Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation, which brings Roberts favorite Toy Story characters into the mix in a little mini movie!!!!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 4:13 pm

    My kids like Cars.

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