In my home, there are three out of four of us that wear glasses. My husband uses his when he is working, I have to wear mine on a regular basis, and my daughter needs hers for reading. With that said, you can imagine that we spend quite a bit of money on glasses every year. With having a tight budget, we cant always afford the glasses that we see and want, so when we are out shopping for glasses, we end up getting the cheaper priced and cheaper looking glasses. I got tired of always buying the cheap glasses, so I started looking around for glasses, that were not only stylish, but are also cheap. That is when I came across The first thing that grabbed my attention was the price. The next thing that had me shopping on the site was the selection and styles of glasses they have. The selection is huge and the price is one that cant be beat!! In fact, they offer a 110% cheapest price guarantee with a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a great refer-a-friend program. All I have to do is get my eyeglasses prescription, look though the amazing selection they have, then I can try the eyeglasses on with the virtual mirror, pick the pair I like best, and start the checkout process. I love how easy it is to select the pair of glasses that will look great and does not break the bank. The glasses available over at are name brand glasses, just like the ones we wish would could get when we go to the eye doctor, but they are sold at a very affordable price. So I can get glasses for my daughter, my husband, and still afford a nice pair of cheap glasses for myself!! The one thing that could be better than name brand, stylish glasses at very affordable prices would be discounts on those glasses! This Thanksgiving, the wonderful people from are offering two great discount codes so you can save even more.
This first code is for 20% off of their iSee Eyewear Collection using Code: iSee20FS
The second code is for 10% off of any order of prescription glasses using Code: Blog10
I know that when we go in to get our eye exams this Spring, instead of buying the cheap glasses from the doctors office, we are going to get our eyeglasses prescriptions, and head on over to!


  1. Jessica B.
    November 24, 2011 / 2:43 pm

    I also wear glasses and spend a fortune on glasses each year. I'm going to check this site out!

  2. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 2:51 am

    This is intriguing.

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