HoneyB's Soy Candles (2011 Holiday Gift Guide)

Mmmmm! I love a good smelling candle! I love how good my house can smell when I have a candle burning. I am one who constantly has candles burning in my home, so when people come over, they enjoy that inviting aroma just as much as I do. I love getting a compliment from someone, like say the mail lady, who tells me that she loves coming to my door because it always smells so good!! Something that I have been interested in is the Soy based candles. Now you might think that a candle is a candle, but after trying a soy candle, my mind has changed. I am a candle lover, so I know when I notice a difference in the way a candle burns and the way it smells. Most candles are made from paraffin wax. So I went on a mission to find a candle company that makes its candles from 100% soy. I wanted to do this for reasons of not putting out unwanted toxins in the air in my home, and two, I would love to find a cleaner burning candle that also smells great and makes my home smell wonderful!! In my mission to find the perfect candle, I came across an amazing candle company called HoneyB’s Soy Candles. Well when I asked if I could sample one of their candles for review, they were more than happy to assist me. I was sent one of my all time favorites, the Pumpkin Pie Spice. Let me just say Yum!! Seriously, this candle smells so freaking yummy!! Well after sitting and sniffing this amazingly yummy smelling candle, I decided it was time to test it out. Just knowing that I will be burning a cleaner burning candle made me feel good about my choice in trying a soy candle out, but after noticing the huge difference in the amount of amazing aroma this candle puts out compared to my store bought candles, I found that there was no comparison. Hands down, this candle is amazing. Oh and I cant forget to mention that this candle lasted a whole lot longer than any of my regular candles. My husband was very impressed, even though he doesnt really care details about candles. He did notice how good it smelled and how much longer it did burn, and when I told him about those toxins that can come from a paraffin candle, he asked me why I bought the paraffin candles? I dont really have a good answer for him, so instead of stumbling over my answer, I will just have to buy some more of these amazing soy candles and leave it at that!!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 4:14 pm

    Cute honeycomb.

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