Pajama Jeans (2011 Holiday Gift Guide)

I am sure that many of you have heard of the Pajama Jeans, and like many out there, I was very curious to try the Pajama Jeans out. I was given a pair of Pajama Jeans to review for my holiday gift guide. Well for one, I love my pajama bottoms, if I could I would wear pajamas on a daily basis. I love how soft, comfortable and easy to wear pajamas are. I think that is why I love wearing scrubs. Scrubs remind me of pajamas, and with being able to wear scrubs as I guess a uniform for work, I am content with that. So going from wearing scrubs almost every day to wearing regular clothes, can be uncomfortable, so you can see why I prefer to wear pajamas on days I am not wearing scrubs. But if I were to go out in pajamas to run errands and go shopping, I might not feel so comfortable as far as my appearance goes. That is where my curiosity for the Pajama Jeans come in. When the pair of Pajama Jeans came in for me to review, I had to go and try them on to see what I thought. I love how soft they are, and when I put them on they look just like jeans, but really fit like pajamas. I can lie down and I have more flexibility in these pants than I would in a pair of regular jeans. Did I mention how soft they were? I know I said that they are soft, but they are like snugly, favorite pajamas soft. I love how well they fit and they give you that look of wearing jeans, but that comfort of pajamas, which is just perfect for me!! They even have pockets on the front and the back, so they really do look like jeans. I can wear these out on my daily errands, then if I find the need for a nap, I can comfortably take a nap and not have to worry about being uncomfortable for any reason!! Another great feature was the fact that I have a hard time buying jeans due to my rear end, being larger than most. I do not buy jeans unless I have tried them on. With the Pajama Jeans, I was able to choose a size just by my basic pant size, like I would if I were to buy or order some pajamas or scrubs to find that they fit perfectly and look great too!! If you want to get someone a great gift or add a great gift to your own wish list this year, then add the Pajama Jeans. I know I have made my husbands job easier this year by adding a couple more pairs of these awesome Pajama Jeans to my list!! Now that I have had a chance to wear these amazing Pajama Jeans a few times, I would tell anyone who has been curious about them or anybody who loves pajamas as much as I do, to not hesitate and get some Pajama Jeans.


  1. Anonymous
    November 21, 2011 / 11:16 am

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  2. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 12:16 pm


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