Pre and Post Natal Pregnancy Tips For The Holidays (Guest Post)

Holiday Tips

-When your cleaning for the holidays, remember 20 minutes of scrubbing tile floor will burn 100 calories. Reach up to the top of your shower walls to get a good full-body stretch!

– Watch the Partying – Did you know the average beer has 200 calories, and the average liquor shot is around 100? Even a can of straight-edge soda will add at least 150 calories to your day. Make water your main drink of choice and you’ll instantly cut empty calories. Calorie-free and bubble-loaded seltzer water is also a great alternative to sugary mixers.

– Party (Calories) Down – Instead of sitting at the bar, get up and dance! An hour of fast dancing can burn 300 calories. Also, drink a glass of water between each drink; you’ll drink less AND stay hydrated, which will help you feel better the day after.

– Picking at the Christmas candy stash can EASILY add 500+  calories to your day! Resist temptation and save up your points; pick ONE holiday treat and take your time to really enjoy it.  You’re still indulging but it’s the lesser of many evils!


– Pre-preg: you should target your abs and lower back muscles pre-pregnancy to help build strength and posture.

– Evaluate your diet and add foods high in protein in addition have good fats to help. wild fish is a great protein source and also works wonders for your skin in addition great for inflamation which happens while your pregnant. Make sure it’s wild since other fish have too much mercury which is a no no when you’re pregnant and before!!

-Ramp up your exercise routine so your body’s in tip-top shape. Walking is a great workout to do with your partner or friend. Having a supportive partner can be a huge advantage. Having someone else holding you accountable can help when you’re tempt to slack off. Working with someone else has it’s own challenges, but by working together you’ll learn a lot about yourself as a couple and what you can accomplish.

-Drink decaf green tea to help rid your body of toxins. 

During Pregnancy:

-Up your water intake by 50% – hydration will help your complexion, your mood and your energy levels. It will almost assist in natural bloating

-Being pregnant makes you tired, & exercise is good for your energy levels,  Have a repertoire of low-impact, low-intensity exercises you can use to get going. Try walking regularly and using light weights for arm exercises

Post Pregnancy

-It will take at least 6 weeks to get back to your pre-pregnancy exercise level; ease into a routine with slow walks and low-impact yoga poses.

-Ease back into ab work with isometrics: sit up straight, breath in and contract your abs. Breath out, wait 7 seconds while keeping your abs tight. Repeat for 10 times before you relax. Note: If you’ve had separation in the abs, talk to your doctor before doing ANY ab work.

– don’t laugh but, Kagel Exercises are SO Important! 20 small contractions of your vaginal muscles each day will help with bladder control issues, and improve your post-baby sex life.


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    November 3, 2012 / 12:07 pm

    I love knowing you'll be having Christmas with your new baby this year.

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