Reebok InTouch Heart Rate Monitor (2011 Holiday Gift Guide)

Around the holidays, we tend to keep the ones we love and care about in mind when we do our holiday shopping. I know that the health of our loved ones should be a concern, especially if there are health concerns in their lives. It seems as though these days, there are more and more people with health concerns trying to turn those concerns around and those who are trying to avoid any issues all together. As a friend or a loved one of someone who is trying to make their quality of health better, show them this holiday season how much you care by giving them something to aid them in their journey of a healthier life!! Reebok is a company that is very understanding and they are all for helping others have a more active and better quality of health, so they have come out with a great new line of products that can aid those who are active. I was sent a very great product from them. I was sent the Reebok InTouch Heart Rate Monitor without a Chest Strap.

After meeting with a trainer and learning about ways that I can help myself in my fitness and weight loss goals, I learned that tracking my heart rate and monitoring it during work outs is very important when trying to achieve my goals. That is what this amazing watch/ heart monitor does for me. It helps me by giving me my heart rate, by just touching the face. There are no straps needed in order to get an accurate reading. This amazing watch has a Fit Zone Indicator, a Calorie Burn Monitor, and Speed Distance and Step Tracking on it as well. So when I am working out, I can track my workout and work at achieving the goals I need to be by seeing what I need to do each workout!!! This holiday season you can get that special person in your life a gift that will really show them how much you care or even add a Reebok InTouch Heart Rate Monitor to your wish list as well this year!!


  1. ivana
    November 3, 2011 / 8:11 am

    this would be a great gift for a beloved health-conscious friend of mine!

  2. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 4:10 pm

    A good idea for exercisers.

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