Santa's Hideout: A Free Site to Make Holiday Shopping Easier

With Christmas just around the corner, parents can use any help they can get with making sure they get what their kids what they want. Like most kids, my kids have a list of items and if I want to get what is on their list, I really need a way that I can access their lists when I am out shopping. Sure I could have them write down their lists, but with my three year old that is not going to happen. He is more visual, so when he sees what he wants he can tell me that way. The thing is I would prefer a list, so when I am out shopping, I can have the list and not have to worry about if I got what he said he wanted. My daughter can write out her list, but again she is visual, and it is easier for her to point out what she wants then put it on paper. This has seemed to be a dilemma that many parents face every year. This year things have been made much easier for me. I signed up on a site called Santa’s Hideout. Santa’s Hideout is the perfect site for families to use over the holidays to make the guessing over the holidays much easier. Instead of guessing what the kids want, you can get their list that they create then buy what they want, so come Christmas morning, everyone is happy!! Santa’s Hideout makes it really easy to set up a account, then add your kids to so they can create their lists.

Once you create your account, you set up your kids lists, which is very easy. You first put in the name you want for the list, your child’s birthdate, sex, max number of items you will allow them to add to their lists, then the max amount of money they can spend on each item, you can also choose whether you want Santa to send your kids a birthday greeting on their birthday! After you set up a child’s list, you click to save it then you can add more kids to your account. Once you are done adding your kids, you can safely allow your kids to access their lists and add items they would like for Christmas. It is very easy for the kids to use. My daughter was able to put in the brand or the item name then choose which items she wanted. For my son, I helped him create his list by putting in his favorite characters and brands then letting him choose the items he wants Santa to bring him this year!

Once your kids lists are ready, you can go on and add items to Santa’s Sleigh then go to Amazon to purchase these items. Also, you can share your kids lists with family and friends, so you can see what has been bought and get alerts when updates to your kids lists have been made. Santa’s Hideout makes holiday shopping easier for everyone, also this site is free for you and your family to use and you can add as many holiday lists as you want! So what are you waiting for? Santa’s Hideout is free, you can share individual items or your entire list on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, you can get email alerts when a purchase is made, you can make purchases online or track the gifting through your account, you can used the optimized mobile so you can take the lists with you to the store, and you have complete control over the lists. So you can add or delete items and if there are duplicates put on the list you can fix that as well! Make this holiday shopping season easier for everyone and get your lists started and share them over at Santa’s Hideout today!!

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This post is a paid post that was sponsored by Santa’s Hideout, all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Mammamayor
    November 22, 2011 / 11:10 pm

    This is great!

  2. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 2:54 am

    Pretty High Tech Santa!

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