Sheaffer (2011 Holiday Gift Guide)

Ok, so I have a confession to make, I am addicted to pens!! I am somewhat of a pen hoarder, lol. I love pens. Not just any pens though, they have to feel a certain way and write a certain way. If I dont like the way they feel or write, then I am not really interested and I dont mind if they get lost. Now the ones that I use, I do not share. I do not let anyone touch them and I keep them safe in my desk. I have a very nice collection, and yes, I have thieves in my house who are always after my collection. I will have friends come over, and think they are slick, then try to steal one of my pens, but if it is one of my good pens, you can bet that I have my eyes on what they do with my pens and where they may go with them. I even keep an eye on my husband with my pens. Most of my pens are girly, and I do that for a reason, so he wont touch them. If I am going to get some really great pens, then I try to make it so they are as feminine as I can get them. Recently I was sent some really nice pens from one of my favorite pen companies, Sheaffer. I was sent the new the Friends of Winter pens. I went with the Bamboo design in a roller ball pen. These pens are my kind of pens, so smooth and sleek, I love how they write. These pens are perfect for me. I can keep them in the box they came in and stash them from pen thieves! The Friends of Winter pens come in three amazing designs, Bamboo, Plum and Pine and they are available in fountain pen, roller ball and ballpoint. Each of the pens comes in a black gloss with a nickel plate trim, which makes these pens that much more beautiful! I know that these pens would make a great gift for anyone this holiday season!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 11:52 am

    How pretty.

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