Stocking Stuffers! (2011 Holiday Gift Guide)

When it comes to Christmas in my family, you have to take into account that for one, my mom is a Democrat (God help her), and my dad is a Republican. They are also comedians, actors, and writers oh and lets not forget that on top of that my dad is also a Minister. So holiday gifts can be quite interesting. My parents love gag gifts, it is a tradition I guess you could say. There are always odd items in our stockings, that make you wonder, where on earth did they get that? Or, who in the world came up with this? My parents always make it fun, and as my sister and have grown older, the gifts have taken a turn for the political route. My parents have learned to accept each others political beliefs, but that does not stop them from poking fun at one another either. What my dad finds even better now that my sister and I have grown is the fact that we have also chosen opposite political views in life. My sister, the poor soul, has chosen to follow my moms party as I have chosen to follow a brighter path, with the Republican Party. For the holidays, my parents are constantly on the prowl for great gag gifts to give each other and fill our stockings with. One site that I have found, and I have shown to my parents is This site is full of all kinds of great gifts. From the political gifts to the religious gifts and everything in between! This site is one that we can all enjoy shopping at and we can find fun gifts to give everyone, even the kids! This year I know that my mom and dad will be filling each others stocking with plenty of fun gifts from, and I am sure there will be plenty for the rest of us as well, but I decided I would add some fun gifts into my husbands stocking that I found that I know he will like! I went with the G.I. Joe Marine on a key chain, the frog laser pointer that he can drive the animals nuts with, the bacon flavored tooth picks, the rubber band gun to chase the kids around with, and the Wall Street Chimp because I know my husband will find humor in it! So when you are looking for some great stocking stuffers this holiday season, check out the huge selection of gifts for just about everyone on your list over at!!


  1. Jessica B.
    November 19, 2011 / 2:22 am

    Great site! Thanks for sharing. I love the "How to Wipe" toilet paper. Looks like some good reading material for my husband. ha ha

  2. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 11:43 am

    Stocking stuffers are a challenge with 7 stockings to fill.

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