Weathering the Storm (Guest Post)

Weathering the Storm

Helpful hints from Wind & Weather 

Some people have a passion for the weather with the love to study clouds, gauge winds, count raindrops, predict storms, and track every single life-affecting detail. Lucky enough for those who do like participating in these things, there are a multi-level collection of weather instruments out there that include top brands like Maximum, Davis, Rainwise, Oregon Scientific, and Lacrosse.

There are several types of devices to test and learn from. Rain Gauges have defiantly come a long way since the times of using a bucket and a ruler. Now days, rain can be measured with top of the line gauges that provide current hour plus daily, weekly and monthly rainfall history. They are made to be staked, hung or some are even designed to be mounted to a deck.

Outdoor Thermometer’s and Outdoor Clock’s are a great way to get temperature readings and complement surroundings. They come in a variety of sizes for tabletops, wall hangings and garden stakes, with digital readings and are weather resistant.

With the holiday’s coming up be on the look out for unique gifts to present to loved ones. Most weather lovers enjoy outdoor products in general, like whiligigs and wind chimes where the slightest breeze can send the kinetic art into a flurry of motion. They make nice unique gifts that can be enjoyed all year long. Garden Statues work well also making a bold statement to its surroundings. Gardens are a private sanctuary and a patron such as the Statue of St. Fiacre can glorify with his serene visage. Some pieces can be up to 40” tall. Most are light enough to be easily moved, yet hefty enough to root firmly in the earth, inspiring endless meditation on life’s simple glories.

 Wind & Weather offer a variety of weather instruments, including thermometers, barometer, hydrometer as well as various rain and wind instrumentsNot limited to weather devices, they also offer the world’s most exquisite objects with the focus on unique, handcrafted art with unwavering high standards for quality and performance.

About Wind & Weather

Wind & Weather began brewing its boundless enthusiasm for all things meteorological in 1976 when the doors opened for the first time on the beautiful north coast of California. Over three decades later, drenched in industry knowledge and experience, and recognized as a world-trusted supplier of weather instruments they offer every item at a 100% guarantee. Distinctive garden décor and artful objects for the home are also part of the expertise collection provide the world’s most exquisite objects with a focus on unique, handcrafted art. Each selection represents our unwavering high standards for quality and performance. Wind & Weather is a part of the Plow & Hearth Family of Brands which also includes quality toys from HearthSong® and Magic Cabin®, innovative solutions from Problem Solvers® and unique home and garden décor from WinterthurStore®.

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