West Side Story 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray

Its true, one of the all time best musicals ever made is celebrating 50 years and is now available on Blu-Ray!! I love West Side Story. I have seen the movie many times and I have also seen the live musical a few times, and I do have to say that West Side Story is one of my all time favorite musicals!! I have also been lucky enough to receive a copy of my favorite musical on Blu-Ray for review!! West Side Story took home more rewards than any other movie musical in the history of cinema, and now you can share this amazing musical with your friends, family and share the love with your kids!! West Side Story is kinda like the old school ghetto version of a Romeo and Juliet romance that takes place in 1950’s New York, where gang war is rampant. You have the two rival gangs where in the midst of all of the violence, you find the two forbidden lovers whose love is sure to end in tragedy. Bring home this amazing movie today on Blu-Ray!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 2:34 am

    I'd like to watch this.

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