Yoomi USA + $500 Facebook Contest! (Preparing For Baby)

I know one thing that used to be a challenge in the night time was when my husband would take his shift and have to warm some breast milk that I had stored in the fridge. He usually took one feeding shift at night to let me rest for that feeding time. My husband used to crack me up, I would hear him banging around pots and struggling to get the stove lit. Then there were times that I would know that the bottle should be warm enough, and I would go to check on him, to find him snoring in the chair. Then when I quit breastfeeding, I had to do the same. The feeding times were not as frequent by that time, but we had to warm up the water in the bottles we were using, and that took some time. I know that the next time around I will be more prepared. I was sent an amazing bottle to test out. It is called the Yoomi. This is truly amazing. Even though I dont have a baby to test it on just yet, I was able to test it to see how it works. You get these insert things that are the Yoomi. You first have to charge the warmer. You do this by boiling it in some water or steaming it for about 25 minutes. After this is done, your Yoomi is ready to use when your baby is! When your baby is ready to feed you fill the bottle, assemble it then press the orange button. You wait about 60 seconds, then you are ready to feed your hungry baby!! I love this bottle and I am so ready to use this when it is time!!!

Yoomi is launching a Facebook contest called “yoomi Baby Shower Gifts Contest”. In order to enter the contest, an expecting mother must be nominated by a friend or family member. The winner will receive an amazing gift basket with baby essentials that are worth $500. The nominator and nominee must “Like” our Facebook page.

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 11:50 am

    It's a long way from breastfeeding.

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