Gift Cards for Gift Giving #GiftCardsRock

I am one of those that loves gift cards. From how easy they are to give to how much I love having them for myself to use. I love that when I get gift cards that can also be used for gas. Most places that have the gas pumps and you can use the gift cards at the pump, end up saving you money. For example, I just used a gift card I got the other day at the pump at Walmart. I was able to save three cents per gallon, which in this economy is a huge savings, especially if you are on a budget and drive a vehicle that eats up the gas like I do. I dont drive my beast all over the place, I only drive her when it is needed and since I cant afford to buy another vehicle, it is what it is. Another great plus with gift cards is, I tend to save them until I need them, and I have found that on many occasions, that stash of gift cards can really come in handy when I really need them. Like when we are running low on groceries and we wont be able to buy any for a while, I can use the gift cards I receive and take my family out, stock up on some groceries. I also find that buying gift cards as a gift to be a huge plus. You know what your budget is, so you dont overspend, you put what you plan on spending on the gift card, then the recipient can get exactly what they want! I have found that when I have gift cards and there is something I need or want, even if it costs more than what I have in cash, the gift card makes it so its like a discount in a way. On top of the coupons you might use, a gift card can really help you stretch those hard earned dollars. One place that I love to use gift cards at on certain occasions is Kohls. They have those sales where you earn Kohls Cash for the amount of money you spend. So when I get a Kohls gift card as a gift, I will save it for one of the events where I can earn Kohls Cash with my purchase, then when the Kohls Cash is usable, I can go and shop again. It is one of those win win situations. I know that there are other places that also offer great deals and such, like CVS. I can use gift cards, use my member card, use the in store coupons and during some sales, earn more gift cards for future purchases. I find that when you have deals like these where you can use a gift card and even earn more money to use later on, you honestly cant go wrong. So when people ask me where I would like a gift card to, I do have my list of where I know I can get the best deal on the items that my family and I use. I also keep this in mind when shopping for others as well unless they have a list of specific places where they like to shop. This year or really in the next few days, when you are rushing to get those last minute gift ideas, get gift cards for those recipients, gift cards also make for a great stocking stuffer!!

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  1. Janet W.
    December 30, 2011 / 2:43 pm

    I love giving and receiving gift cards! That way I can pick out what I want specifically, and also allow the other person to pick out what they want. Some people think it's impersonal, but I really don't think so and it makes things much easier for everyone!

  2. Laura Lane
    November 2, 2012 / 7:35 pm

    Gift cards are so fun. I wish for one from KnitPicks!

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