Eureka Tetragon 10 Person Tent: Gearing Up For Outdoor Family Adventures

I dont know about you, but I am getting excited for the warmer weather. We love to go camping with the kids and lately we have been gearing up and making preparations for the Spring. We have been preparing everything and making sure that everything is good to go so when the weather is finally warm enough, we can pack up and out with the kids. One thing that we noticed when we were getting our camping gear out was that our tent had some tears in it. We have had the tent for quite some time and it has seen many camping trips through its days, so it was time to retire the old tent and look into finding a new one that we can all fit into comfortably. That is when I came across the tents from Eureka. I love that they have a great selection large family size tents. Well recently I was sent one of those awesome tents from Eureka. I was sent the Tetragon 10. The Tetragon 10 is a 10 person tent, so it has plenty of room for our growing family. One of the features of this tent that I love is that it has a removable zippered room divider. So if we want to make two rooms then we can split the tent in half or we can make it one big room.

I love the height inside in the tent and the width. I find that the bathtub floor is a plus as well. On the last camping trip we went on last year, we got rained on, quite a bit of rain, and that is when we first noticed the tears in our old tent. So the bathtub floor that is designed to protect us against the splashing and standing water is a big plus for us. Then there are the storage pockets that are on the inside of the tent. Those are perfect for putting the flash light and other items that we need to easily access when we are out camping. In all I find that the Tetragon 10 from Eureka is going to be perfect for our upcoming camping trips and is a must have for any family when gearing up for outdoor family adventures. 


  • The fly features 2 fly rods that form a brim over the door for protection from the elements and to add strength and stability to the tent.
  • The tent’s free standing and shockcorded fiberglass frame is lightweight and slides easily through fabric sleeves for fast set up. Clips secure the tent body to the frame.
  • Two side-opening, twin-track doors, each consisting of a no-see-um mesh panel and a fabric panel, allow flexibility for venting & insect protection.
  • Zipper covers on the doors provide protection from water.
  • Four interior pockets keep essentials close at hand.
  • Two overhead pockets provide extra storage.
  • Matching yellow webbing on tent & fly couple with the ring & pin assembly to make set up fast.
  • Removable zippered divider creates two rooms for privacy and rolls back to reveal one large room.
  • Bathtub floor wraps up sides of tent, protecting against splashing and standing water.

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.


  1. Laura Lane
    November 2, 2012 / 6:38 pm

    This one actually looks big enough for a family.

  2. Mark John
    January 18, 2017 / 12:46 pm

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  3. pheobe22
    March 5, 2018 / 7:29 am

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