National Geographic Kids Debuts Global Adventure Reality Kids Show

National Geographic Kids announces the U.S. online debut of the groundbreaking reality show “Are We There Yet? World Adventure,” an award-winning, live-action global adventure series hosted by kids for kids, on its website Sibling hosts bring viewers along on unscripted journeys — from Kenya to Mexico to India to Costa Rica — that embrace cross-cultural similarities and unique differences. It’s not a show and tell, it’s a see and do!

These seven-minute videos feature pairs of young siblings who travel the world and experience adventures such as rehabilitating animals in the Costa Rican rain forests; meeting llamas in Peru; climbing pyramids in Mexico; learning about medieval Europe at a festival in France; and spotting tigers, elephants and monkeys on a safari in India. The videos target 3- to 7-year-olds and their families and deliver fun, family-friendly introductions to new cultures, countries and animals around the world. “Are We There Yet? World Adventure” is a Sinking Ship Entertainment production produced in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Treehouse TV and National Geographic Kids, the U.S. and international distributor for the series.

Also screening on are new episodes of “Iggy Arbuckle,” the popular environmental “pig ranger” charged with protecting fictional Kookamunga National Park from threats by loggers and developers. “Iggy Arbuckle,” produced by Blueprint Entertainment, has become one of the most popular characters/videos streamed on the National Geographic Kids website, with more than 5 million streams to date. Ten new “Iggy Arbuckle” videos have been added to the 30 videos already live on the site. Iggy Arbuckle is so popular that he has his own Iggy games sub-channel, featuring 10 Iggy Arbuckle-themed games.

“NG Kids is looking to build on the success of these franchises with the addition of new original content, partnerships and acquisitions moving forward,” said Michelle Sullivan, director, Nat Geo Kids & Family Digital Media. “The National Geographic Kids website is a fun and exciting destination that kids and parents can explore together — and we’re just getting started!”

About National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids inspires young adventurers to explore the world through award-winning magazines, books, apps, games, toys, television series, events and a website and is the only kids brand with a world-class scientific organization at its core. National Geographic Kids (10 issues per year) and Little Kids (six issues per year) are photo-driven publications available on newsstands or by subscription in print and on tablets. The award-winning and are the online hubs of National Geographic Kids and Little Kids. National Geographic Kids Books is the leading nonfiction publisher with as many as 100 nonfiction titles each year. National Geographic Kids Games engages kids to learn through play with games like the online virtual animal world of Animal Jam and the upcoming interactive TV experience of Nat Geo Kinect TV. National Geographic Kids Apps bring the best of National Geographic Kids to smart phones and tablets.

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