Clorox Recipes for Fun: Arts and Crafts

The warmer days are starting to peep in on us, and with that my kids have noticed the beautiful birds that have been appearing in our yard and around our neighborhood. My kids both love to watch the birds eat and every year we love making bird feeders that are easy for the kids to construct then hang up for their birdie friends to enjoy. My kids see it as something that has to be done every year in order to make the birds happy and to keep their bellies full. This year we have already started off on making our bird feeders and the first one we decided to start out with was the Allergy Safe Bird Feeders that we found on the Clorox Recipes for Fun site under the Arts and Crafts tab. These are great to make with kids who may have a allergy to peanuts. It is a very fun and easy recipe for making some really great bird feeders that will please both your kids and the birds. To make the Allergy Safe Bird Feeders you will need some toilet paper rolls, depending on the amount of bird feeders you are wanting to make, some Crisco, bird seed of your choosing and some string. When you put this fun project together you will take the toilet paper rolls, smear some Crisco on them, then roll them in the bird seed. After your rolls are ready to go, make two holes on the top where you can put the string through, then take outside and hang up! Both you and your kids will enjoy pleasing all of the wonderful birds that will come by to have a snack. Another fun bird feeder that you and your kids can have a lot of fun making is the pine cone bird feeder. This is one that can make for a day of fun. We love to be outdoors and explore, and with this particular bird feeder you can start the project out by going on a nature walk to collect supplies. By supplies I mean pine cones. Give your kids each a bag or a basket, then when you are on your walk, encourage your kids to find the biggest and best looking pine cones they see then collect them in their bags or baskets. I find that watching the birds and talking about the different birds you might come across on your walk makes for a fun learning experience as well. The kids become more excited to make the best bird feeders to hang at the house to attract the birds. Once the walk is over and the pine cones have been collected, head back to your creative space for the day and prepare to make some really great bird feeders. Make sure you have some peanut butter, string and bird seed ready to start your project. Tie some string to the tip of the pine cone, then spread peanut butter all over the pine cone. Once you are done spreading the peanut butter on the pine cone, roll the pine cone in a bird seed filled plate or pan, then you are done making your pine cone bird feeder. When you are all done making your bird feeders, take them outside and hang them up, then sit back and enjoy watching the birds snack on your bird feeders!! Both of these great bird feeder recipes are tons of fun and kids love to make them. I also found out that if you have a child with peanut  allergies, you can use the Crisco in place of the peanut butter for the pine cone bird feeders!!! After you are done with your birdie fun mess, clean up using some Clorox Clean Up Cleaner, which combines  the powerful cleaners and the Clorox Bleach to make clean up so much easier! To find these great recipes as well as many many more and to sign up for a chance to win $10,000 head on over to Clorox Recipes for Fun!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 2, 2012 / 12:42 am

    I wouldn't have expected Clorox to have recipes for fun.

  2. ann
    March 29, 2013 / 1:04 am

    wow there are lots of things and crafts to do here. Being Clorox you wouldnt think they would have this type of fun thing on there site. Thanks so much. Im going to check them all out.

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