Halo Crib Set (Preparing For Baby Guide)

One of the things that I have been reading up on and thinking about when preparing for the new baby is, the dangers of SIDS. I, like many other new and expecting parents, want to decorate my babies room. I want the cute bumper and bedding set, but like I learned with my daughter, those bumpers are not safe. I used the bumper sets for decoration until my kids started sleeping in their cribs. For the first few months my babies sleep in a bassinet at night and a crib for naps, but then once they outgrow their bassinet, they transition to a crib until they are ready for a toddler bed. With my daughter, I learned in a scary way why having a bumper in the crib can be dangerous. I had put her in the crib for a nap, then I went to get some laundry to put away. When I got back in the room, she had rolled to the side of the crib and had got her head wedged under the bumper. I had got there right as it happened so I was able to get the bumper pad off of her face and remove it from the crib. After that I thought to myself, “What if I had waited and put the clothes in my room up first before going to her room?” I am glad that I did not and I was able to get to her and take care of removing the bumper before something bad could have happened, and I learned that they are nice to look at, but having a bumper in the crib with baby is not the safe way to go. Well with this baby I will be using a whole new set that I am excited to set up and use once he is ready to sleep in his crib. In fact, I can use part of this bedding set while he uses the bassinet! The bedding set I was sent was the new Halo Crib Set! It is a crib set, but it is also made by the people from Halo who strive to provide products that reduce the risks of SIDS in our babies, by offering alternative ways of keeping your baby warm and by not only keeping baby warm but also adding some color to your nursery as well!! The new Halo Crib Set offers parents a way to create a safe and adorable bedroom for your baby!  This set comes with a newborn SleepSack Swaddle, a small Halo SleepSack, 2 cotton jersey crib sheets and a decorative bed skirt that fits your babies crib! Knowing that the Halo SleepSack is the #1 choice of hospitals and parents, I feel very confident knowing that my baby will sleep safely since I will be using the Halo Crib Set!!! As I prepare for our new baby, an item that has become a number one for me is a sleep sack, just for the fact of using them in the past, trusting them, and knowing how much safer they are to use than the traditional baby bedding that can potentially be dangerous for baby. If you are preparing for a new baby and you are looking for that perfect bedding set to use for your baby, then check out the Halo Crib Sets!

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This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.

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  1. Laura Lane
    December 10, 2012 / 1:48 pm

    These are such pretty sets.

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