#NameIt Freshen Up With Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Wipes

It seems that with the warmer weather upon us, we spend more and more time outside and away from home. I know and have learned that with kids, these times are times that you want to not only be fresh but make sure your family is also fresh when it comes to the bathroom. My kids will run in and out when it comes to potty breaks during the day. They will spend most of the day outside playing with friends, then run in when they can not hold it any longer, rush to the bathroom, then just as fast as they ran in, they are out. I have to catch them on occasion and verify that they wiped properly before flushing and running out, especially with my 3 year old. I learned that kids do not always care about keeping themselves clean, and with my daughter I started buying flushable wipes. I found that not only are these flushable wipes good to have with kids around, but they are good to have for myself and my husband. With my kids, I have taught them that when they are using the Cottenelle Fresh Care Flushable Wipes, not only do they leave you feeling fresh, but you can make sure you are clean as well. Having the flushable wipes, really comes in handy when potty training. My son has been quite a task when it comes to potty training. Now he has been out of diapers and wearing big boy underpants since he was 2, but when it comes to wiping, he has problems getting the task at hand taken care of. With Pre-K starting this next Fall for him, the task has to be one that we conquer this Summer so he ready to go to school! With the regular toilet paper, he seems to have a issue that he uses way too much of it, so we have been showing him that after he uses just a small amount of toilet paper, he can freshen up and reassure himself that he is clean by using the flushable wipes. He is really starting to understand the concept of being clean, but that does not seem to be the only obstacle we are having to face when it comes to the bathroom and preparing him for school. For some reason, when he has to go potty, he ends up taking off all of his clothes, including his shoes. Then when he is done going to the restroom, he runs out with clothes and shoes in hand, leaving himself naked. I do find this to be a issue as well, and the thought of him going to school and running out of the restroom after he has gone naked, mortifies me. We have both talked to him about this issue and the fact that he does not need to have others see him naked, so he has been working on the issue at hand, except now he has the issue that when he doesnt take his clothes off, he ends up peeing everywhere, even in his own face at times, which then makes him sick to his stomach. I did not have all of these issues with my daughter, we potty trained, I showed her how to clean and keep herself fresh and that was that, with my son, it is a whole different story. He says that it gets loose on him and he cant control it, lol, poor guy, but at the same time this issue is one we are working hard on getting resolved before the summer is over. I know that I have succeeded in teaching him how to stay fresh in the bathroom, and we all use the Fresh Care Flushable Wipes after going to the bathroom to remain fresh as well. So my big task now is keeping him clothed when he uses the restroom! I love using the Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Wipes and I also love how all you need is one wipe, that is after using a small amount of toilet paper first. And just using the one wipe not only keeps you fresh, but you dont have to worry about it backing up your septic either!! On top of keeping my family and myself fresh, we keep our house fresh by keeping up on the regular maintenance of our septic system and by keeping our bathroom fresh by cleaning it daily!!

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  1. jenzen69
    May 28, 2012 / 7:11 pm

    When my kids were potty training (12 yrs ago) they didn't have the flushable wipes. I was so anal about my kids learning to clean themselves properly, I think I wiped their bottoms for them til they were school age haha. I so wish we would have had these back then

  2. Laura Lane
    October 31, 2012 / 11:54 am

    I hope you have the taking all the clothes off issue resolved. That could be hairy at pre-k.

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