Costumes For Men

My husband and I love Halloween, it is a time when we can dress up however we want and have fun doing it. On top of Halloween, we love to attend costume parties together, where others like us, lol, like to dress up at different times of the year, even when it is not close to Halloween. When we dress up we like to shop for the costumes that we are going to love, but with my husband, he does not fit into the average costume. He is a big and tall man, and if you have a big and tall man in your life, then you know that finding plus size costumes can be quite challenging. We love to be able to shop for adult costumes that fit the theme we want to go with, and when we go looking, we can usually find a costume for me in the womens costumes, but then to find one for my husband that will fit him and coordinate with mine, can be a challenge. We found out that this does not have to be the case when we found the Plus Size Costume Super Center online. I had found the site after shopping on the Costume Super Center site for myself and the kids. The kids will usually pick their own costumes and choose different themes, but when we shop for ours, we like to coordinate. So when I found the Plus Size Costume Super Center, I found that we can find an amazing selection of adult costumes, and we can coordinate our costumes at great prices! This year my husband decided that he wants to go with a Plus Size Men’s Psycho Sushi Chef Costume. Now he has already coordinated the baby, who will be here in early September, to go with his costume, lol. So I have to now find a womens costume to go with theirs, I have time, but I have not quite decided on whether I want to be a patron, a victim or a chef as well. I have been going over the costumes over at Plus Size Costume Super Center and I know I will be able to find the costume I will wear this year there as well!! Whether you are looking for a great costume to get for a costume party or if you are looking to get a head start on your Halloween costume shopping at a great price, then check out the great selection of adult costumes over at today!

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  1. Lowell Lane
    October 31, 2012 / 12:40 am

    Hubby is plus sized. This is good to know.

  2. Laura Lane
    December 8, 2012 / 8:31 pm

    That's a scary costume!

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