Heelys Shoes for Kids (Back To School Guide)

We have been doing our back to school shopping, and on our list every year for the kids is new shoes. My daughter has loved getting the Heelys each year, both for looks and for fun as well. My daughter loves that she can wear the Heelys to school then after school she can put her wheels on and roll around with her friends. Another thing that is great about Heelys is that each time we go on to get a new pair, there are more styles to choose from, new ones that are in and are what the kids want. I know that myself and the teachers appreciate the fact that the wheels can be taken off and on, so when she is at school she does not get in trouble from rolling around on the wheels, and when she gets home she can easily put her wheels on by using the key tool that is provided with her Heelys! To start off our back to school, my daughter decided that this year not only did she want a awesome new pair of Heelys, but she also wanted to shine, so we were sent a pair of the girls Heelys that are not only trendy but also light up to review!! My daughter loves them and she cant wait to wear them to school this coming school year! I love that at Heelys, not only do they have a great selection of the styles that are hot but they also have great sales and deals that you can find throughout the year and you can also purchase extra wheels to replace ones that can get lost or to chance up the style a bit!! This year when you are looking for fun and trendy shoes that your kids will love then check out the great shoes that are available from Heelys!!!

Also check out Heelys on Facebook for updates on new shoes coming out and deals as well!!

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  1. Laura Lane
    October 30, 2012 / 9:48 pm

    I've seen these. I think my little girl would enjoy them.

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