Petmate Feeders for Your Cat

In my home we have my husband and I, the kids, my sister in law, then there are our four legged babies as well, which include two dogs and two cats. One of the cats is still a kitten, and she is my sister in laws cat and her name is Nala. She is the black cat pictured below with my sister in law.

As with our kids and our own four legged babies, Nala has become accustomed to being spoiled. I dont see it as being spoiled but others might. For example, the kids each have their toys and snacks and the dogs and cats each have their toys and treats. With Nala in the house, we have to treat her like the other babies and so she also gets extra gifts. Mind you, my sister in law spoils this cat just like a kid already. Well when we were sent a great pack of goodies for cats from Petmate, we decided that Nala would be the candidate for the review! Nala is not your average cat, in fact she is not like any other cat that I have known or owned. She likes to swim and play in the rain, so when we set up the gravity feeders that we were sent for her to try out, the first thing she did was put her paws in the water and start splashing, she found the bubbles in the feeder that would go up as she played witch turned it into a game, knowing that if she splashed enough she could try and catch the bubbles that would go up in the water. Aside from what she now believes to not only be a water feeder, but a new toy for her, we were also sent the feeder for the cat food, which is great to have because when the food gets low it just releases more food into the dish, all we have to do is keep the food inside filled and it will put more food in the cats dish! This dish is also made to keep the food from smelling and growing bacteria, which is a plus since I am the sensitive to smell pregnant mama. Since using the feeders I dont even smell the cats food!! On top of the great feeders, the wonderful people from Petmate threw some great toys in the mix for Miss Nala! She was sent a great toy called the Balance Ball with a fun feather and bell on it. I find it very entertaining to watch Nala and our cat Jezebel, play together with the toy! The other toy, that Nala also adores is the Hunt a Treat, where we can put a treat inside then let Nala have fun getting that treat, which once we put one in she insists that we put another in!! In all, not only were we very pleased with the products that were sent for review from Petmate, but the kitties were also very pleased!!!!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.

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  1. Laura Lane
    October 30, 2012 / 9:43 pm

    I'd like to have gravity feeders. It would make things simpler.

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