Lone Star Baby & Kids Store Launch in Dallas

We are huge Mamas & Papas baby products fans. Now I dont mean the song group, I mean the line of baby products that have made a huge splash in Europe and now in the USA! I am so excited to share the opening of a store here in the USA that will be selling those must have, unique and incredibly adorable chic products that you can only find in the line of products from Mamas & Papas!! So you may be asking yourself, ok where can I shop for those must have Mamas & Papas products? Where is there a store that I can go to in person or shop at online, where I can find all of those Mamas & Papas products all in one place? Well, if you live in the Dallas area you can go to the new store called Lone Star Baby & Kids which is at 9380 Prestmont Place, Frisco, TX, 75035 or if you are like me, and will not be able to take a trip any time soon to the Dallas area, then you can shop online at http://www.lonestarbaby.com/!! I find that the new store set up with the Mamas & Papas display to be very enticing, and even though I can not physically go there at this time, I find it to be a store that I will have to visit the next time we are in the Dallas area!! I mean, sure there are select stores that I can shop at for a few of the Mamas & Papas products, but why would I want to search the internet for the different products that I want when I can just go to one place that has those items I am looking for, from those must have strollers and accessories to the adorable toys that are perfect for babies and toddlers! For me, since we have been getting everything together for little Wyatt’s arrival, I find that being able to find that must have Urbo Stroller from the Mamas & Papas line on the Lone Star Baby & Kids website to make my baby shopping that much easier since I can not only get that must have stroller but I can also get the accessories to go along with the Urbo all in one place!!! So if you are a Mamas & Papas fan or if you are looking for some really chic and stylish baby products, then you are going to want to check out the new Lone Star Baby & Kids Store!! 

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  1. Laura Lane
    October 30, 2012 / 8:58 pm

    You've reviewed a lot of strollers. They all look like they're much nicer than strollers used to be.

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