Striving To Live Up To My Own Expectations #CloroxLounge

When we are kids, we are asked what we want to be when we grow up, and the answers that we come up with can be simple ones but when the reality kicks in as we grow up, those dreams and goals can be hard to achieve. I know that when I was little, I had wanted to be a princess, and I realized when I got older that my dream of being a princess might not be a realistic dream. So I came back down to Earth and came up with a realistic goal and ambition for my life. To be truly happy, you have to think about what makes you happy in life. What can you see yourself being or doing in life and see yourself being happy as well, what is your passion? That might be hard to pinpoint, but when I was in high school, I knew that I loved helping people and I also had a passion for writing. I have always loved sharing my life, and I love helping others so that they can live their own lives as best as they can. I not only love to be happy in my own life, but making others happy is very gratifying for me. So that is when I had to really think, what can I do in life, where I can truly be happy, make others happy and live life to the fullest? Well, I have always known that I wanted to write, but when I started looking into my career options, I found that nursing was part of my calling in life. Once I went into the medical field, I found myself to be very happy, and I enjoyed my job. I went into the psych field right off the bat, and I loved it. I loved being able to help people, being able to talk to them and help them talk through their issues. I loved being that person who was there to listen. I loved knowing that when I went home each day, that I did what makes me happy, I helped another human being. Even though it was in a psych facility, I was also there to provide a safe and therapeutic environment, and the nurses I worked with where also part of this goal that we set each day for each and every one of our patients. When I had my daughter, I realized that for me to be happy, I wanted to be able to be with her, at home, but at the time I did not have the support to reach that goal. I also realized that even though I was happy with my job, I was not achieving the goal, the ambitions that I knew I wanted to reach from the time I was little. I was not writing. After having my daughter, I found myself in a sweet but also bitter situation. I was happy being a mom, working in the medical field, but I was not happy with my spouse at the time and I was not completely happy with what I was doing with my life. So, I left, I left my daughters dad and decided that if I was going to be happy and achieve my dreams in life, I was not going to be able to do this while I was with him, I needed his support both emotionally and physically and it was not there. When I left him, I found myself again. I found that even though times were hard and I was going to have to adjust to a new life not just for myself but adjust as being a single mom, I would be able to do it. I was once again finding pride in myself, but deep down I knew that there was still something missing in my life. I knew that after having my daughter that I wanted that family, I wanted to achieve the goals that I had once set for myself, and even though I could not be that princess of royalty that I had once dreamed of being, I realized that I wanted to be treated like a princess by who ever I ended up with. Then, shortly after becoming a single mom, I met my husband. When we decided to get married, I put everything on the table. All of my dreams, ambitions, goals, and all of the good and bad that comes with me. I learned that being upfront and that not hiding anything was the best way to go in life, and the man I married was the one who did and still does treat me like a princess. We support each other in everything we do, or want to do in life. I found that I could do home health, be a mom to now three amazing kids, have a husband who treats me like the princess I had always wanted to be, and last but not least, I found that I could write and be a blogger! Which when you put it all together is everything that I had wanted to be in life. I have found myself and I am happy, and that is what life should be about!

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  1. Laura Lane
    October 30, 2012 / 3:20 pm

    I am glad you've found happiness.

  2. Kambrea
    November 5, 2012 / 9:47 pm

    I am glad you can continue to write. I too write (I am a writer for a webcomic) and I think it is great when we can be moms and follow our dreams. I couldn't do it without my husband's support either.

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