Won't Back Down on Blu-Ray

One thing that I love and look forward to is my Girls Night In. We have a family movie night, but I also have a girls night once a month, where myself and some of my friends either go out to a movie or stay in and watch one. Well, since Wyatt’s arrival, my nights out have been limited, so we have been choosing to enjoy nights in with the girls. On our most recent night in we decided to watch some movies that we all had not seen and wanted to see, on that list was the movie Won’t Back Down. I received this movie on Blu-Ray to review. One thing that we all appreciated was that it was a movie that we could all relate to on a level. We are all moms, and the movie is based on some moms and a teacher, who take things into their own hands to try and make a difference. I think we really found it interesting not only because it was a movie about mothers taking action, but it focused on our education system, which seems to be a topic that comes up quite often. In Won’t Back Down, you find parents in a big city who find that their kids who attend a inner city school, are not getting the education they deserve. We found this movie to be very powerful and interesting. I loved how the moms and the teacher stood up for what was right and for their kids and other children who were being affected as well. They found themselves in a fight to make a change, risking everything along the way in order to make a difference for the children and their futures. With all of the politics that are involved in todays educational system, we all found this movie to be very moving and one that raised a good discussion afterwords, lol. Won’t Back Down on Blu-Ray was a great movie to watch with the girls and I see it to be a great movie to add to my list of faves! Won’t Back Down is available to bring home today!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.

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