Cleaning Out The Basement (Guest Post)

Cleaning Out the Basement and Attic
Most people don’t want to spend their days cleaning out the
basement, attic or the garage. But if you’re running out of storage
space in your home, and you’re ready to de-clutter, getting rid of
a few items can free up space. Plus, too many items in your basement
or attic can be a fire hazard. And if you’re looking to sell your
home, de-cluttering
gives the illusion of a bigger space. 

Like many areas throughout the United States, the housing market
in Miami, FL is in the process of recovery. The inventory of
available properties is great for buyers, yet the higher competition
can hurt sellers. Sellers who rent
self storage
 space and de-clutter their homes are typically
able to sell quicker. Self storage units are the perfect place to
stash unused items, and in many instances, you can find cheap storage
and climate controlled storage.

If you’re ready to go through your basement, attic and garage,
here are a few tips to help clear your space. 

Plan ahead
Rather than tackle all three areas on the same day, split up your
efforts and de-clutter one space at a time. Get the whole family
involved and set aside two or three days to complete the project.
Start early in the morning and you may be able to de-clutter and
entire space by the evening.

Divide and Decide
It can be difficult to part with some of your treasures, however,
consider whether you’ll actually use the item in the future. Bring
in three large bins to help sort the items. In each of these bins
place items for trash, items for sale/donation and items for storage.
Start in one corner of your basement, attic or garage and go through
every box, every plastic container and every stack. Do not leave this
area until each space is cleared and the items placed in a bin. Throw
away items that are broken, worn or haven’t been used in one year. 

Host a yard sale to generate extra cash, and for items that you do
not sell, contact Goodwill or another local charity and donate these
items. Junk removal services such as 1-800-Got-Junk are perfect for
discarding trash and larger unwanted items.

For the things that you plan to keep, organize these in your newly
cleared space. Give this space a thorough cleaning before organizing
your items
– dust, sweep and mop. To keep your items neat, bring
in shelves or storage bins. Label all bins and boxes to easily locate

Cleaning out your home isn’t fun, but the end result is well
worth the effort. It’s important that you showcase your home in the
best light. Whether you’re moving or staying, a clean, clutter-free
home creates a cozy, happy environment.


  1. Shelly Peterson
    March 7, 2013 / 3:58 am

    cleaning and de-cluttering is never any fun. thanks for the great ideas!

  2. Robin Wilson
    May 28, 2013 / 9:33 pm

    I am trying to apply this to my garage. I have been avoiding it like the plague… With the warmer weather and the door being open more, I just know my neighbors would appreciate me getting off my caboose and down to work! Thank you for the motivation!

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