#Spon An Experience That Will Last A Lifetime: Take Lessons Local Music and Singing Lessons

My Estrella is a very talented young lady. Her name means Star in Spanish, and she fits that name to a ‘T”. She loves to shine and she loves to be in the spotlight at any given time. So naturally you can imagine that when she is given the chance to show off her own natural talents like acting and singing, she stands out and take over the stage! Estrella has been able to find her hidden passion and talent for the stage and music at school, but like my own parents who are actors, she is ready to expand and learn more on how she can flourish even more on her God given talents! This year for her birthday, she asked for music and acting lessons. I was very happy that she chose this route, and you can imagine that when she let my parents know what she wanted, they were not only thrilled to see their granddaughter follow in their footsteps, but they have also insisted that the lessons would be their gift to her for her birthday this year. We decided that we will wait until Summer to sign her up for lessons and classes so that she can finish out this school year then focus on her lessons over the Summer! As a parent, finding classes and music teachers can be hard. Not only for finding that perfect class to enroll her in and that teacher that is just outstanding and will help bring out Estrella’s natural ‘Star’ quality, but also finding someone that I can trust with my daughter is something that I face. I have gone to others and after much searching, I was able to find a great class for Estrella’s acting lessons that I am confidant with and I know she will shine in. But that is only half of what is needed for her. Sure, I have got the acting class set up, but she also wants to take singing lessons to help make her voice stronger and to learn what her ranges are. I personally found myself lost in the aspect of finding a teacher that is not only good at teaching children, but also can give my daughter the one on one she needs and who is someone that I can trust with my daughter. I mean, this is my baby girl, and I do not want to take her to lessons and leave her with just anyone, so finding that teacher has proven to be quite a challenge for me. It was not until recently that I found a solution to my issue. Recently I was introduced to an amazing site, one for parents to use as a safe way to search and seek out those amazing music teachers and classes for our kids. The site is called Take Lessons, and on this site I can do a search that is local, and that will key in on the type of lessons that I am seeking out for my kids. I found it to be very easy to use, when I go on the site, I first type in the type of music lesson or class that I am looking for, then I type in my zip code and click search. From there, I get this amazing list of music teachers who are not just part of a listing like you may find on other searches, but they have been checked out and verified. From background checks to reference checks, these instructors are the kind of teachers that I want for my kids! I also love that instead of having to choose a teacher based on a tight schedule, when I use the Take Lessons site, I can choose to find a teacher that can come to my home or their private studio if I want, and I can find lessons that are tailored to my own schedule. I love the scheduling part, because once the Summer is over and we are back in full swing of the school year, and if Estrella enjoys the lessons then we will continue them for as long as she wants! So finding teachers that are willing to work with me, even on the crazy schedule I keep at certain times of the year is a huge plus! I can also find teachers who are online if I want and say if I am not satisfied after the first session, the people from Take Lessons will help me find another instructor or they will refund me my money. Having that kind of guarantee is a huge plus in my book, especially as a parent where you do not find too many guarantees out there. I have found the Take Lessons site to be a great tool to use for Estrella and I am just as excited as she is to get set up this Summer with a great schedule of music lessons that I will get from Take Lessons and of the acting classes that she will be taking as well! So if you are a parent who is in search of a music teacher or a class for your kids, and you have found yourself lost when it comes to finding the right teacher, then head on over to Take Lessons and find that teacher who you are looking for today!! Also when you head over to Take Lessons today through April 1, you can get 20% off all of their lesson packages when you use the promo code SPRINGMUSIC at check out!

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  1. Cherelynn
    March 29, 2013 / 8:59 pm

    Hello Gorgeous! I took music lessons as a child and loved it-carried that over into adulthood too!Happy Passover and Happy Easter to you! I love this time a year much as Christmas! Hope this finds your and the fam making memories-with chocolate bunny ears and peeps!Ciao ciao for now!Cherelynnhttp://makeupuniversity.blogspot.com

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