#NSNation #Sponsored #Nutrisystem Week 8: Too Busy To Diet You Say?

When we decide to go on a diet, we tend to come up with excuses, it is not the right time, I dont have the money, I dont know if I will be able to stick to it, I dont have the time and so on. But the thing is, going on a diet, does not take any extra time out of your day. You adjust the meals that you would have already put into your day to the meals that go with the diet. With me, I always thought, oh where am I going to find the time? It seems that I am always busy doing something, but with the Nutrisystem plan, I am finding more time to do other things, since I am not having to prepare a meal for myself. The meals are already made, I just add in a side, and add in my snacks, but other than that, my meals are ready to go, just heat up and I am ready. Or for when I am on the go, I can choose a bar, or a muffin, or any of the other grab and go products that are on the menu, which once again leaves me without a excuse on why I would not be able to stick to this diet. This past week, my husband and I have been really busy, aside from my usual running around with the kids, we had my husband’s club’s annual banquet that we had to set up and prepare for, and since he is VP, preparing to take over the seat of President next semester, we were extra busy. His club raised money all year for these hope chests for Foster Kids who would graduate this year and age out of the system then head off to college, and the hope chests are items that say parents might send kids off to college with. Since these kids are aging out of the system, they do not have that support, so that is what his club is there for, they provide the items, and this past week, on top of all of our usual obligations, we also had to run around and put together the hope chests and a banquet. Talk about stress, and also me, where I did find myself thinking at times, I dont have time to diet. Then I remembered, oh yeah, I can put some of those grab and go items in my purse and keep on the diet and avoid those excuses I am trying to come up with! So, lets get down to business, even after all of the extra stress I dealt with this week, I lost another 2 pounds!! That puts me at 28 pounds down, which I am still in amazement over, but I am loving!!! I am noticing the loose clothing, and I love it. I am not going to head out on a shopping spree just yet because I do have quite a ways to go, but 28 pounds, WOW!!!!

The meals and supplies for this weight loss journey were provided to my by Nutrisystem, all opinions are my own and I was not paid to say anything. Thank you to the sponsor!
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  1. Sandy VanHoey
    May 19, 2013 / 9:19 am

    You are simply amazing and I cannot believe how excited I get waiting to see this post. I'd probably be as disappointed as you if I didn't see a pound or 2 lost since I know you're doing such a terrific job at this. Congrats on another 2 lbs and I just have to say once again, I am so very proud of you. With all you're doing, being so busy and you're not letting any excuses get in the way of it. You're Super!

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