W8-Club.com Giving Mom The Gift Of Fitness For Mothers Day (Gifts For Mom)

As most of you know who have been following me, I am on a long journey to loose some major weight. I have lost quite a bit already, but I still have a long road ahead of me, and I know that in order to make my dream of losing the weight a reality, it will not happen by just sitting around. Being a busy mom of 3 and not always being able to find the time to escape to the gym, I get frustrated about how I will loose the weight. Now I am on a very awesome diet, and one of the things that they suggest to help get the weight off is to add exercise in with the diet plan. So when I was introduced to W8-Club.com for a review, I was interested to see how it would work into my schedule. To my surprise, I found it very easy to work in. Like, in between cleaning and baby napping, I can set up my computer and log in to the site, pick out the workout that I want to work on for 15 minutes, which goes by very fast, and bam! I love the instructors, they walk you through each workout, from the stretches to the workouts that target the different sections of your body. I also love that they have different workouts set up for those who are beginners, intermediate or advanced. Also, they may show a bunch of equipment, but they tell you how you can utilize things like your doorway and such in your home to do your workouts! I love the pace and how after each workout, I feel energized, even if the baby wakes up right after the video is over. I am also ready for another work out every day after, instead of dreading a workout day after day. Another plus is, just after a week of workouts, along with my diet, I am seeing bigger results and I am feeling more energized than I did before which is a huge plus, especially when I have kids! So this Mothers Day, instead of getting mom candy, get her something that she will enjoy and that will change her life, get her a membership to W8-Club.com!! Sign up now to get a 30 day free trial then pay just $7 a month after!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review. 


  1. BlessieNelson
    May 2, 2013 / 11:54 pm

    I agree. Its times like these we need to motivate our moms to have good health with these kind of gifts!

  2. Sandy VanHoey
    May 4, 2013 / 8:14 am

    I hadn't heard of this site before and it's good to know there are different levels you can choose and especially that you can do your workouts from home. Like I've said before, I am really excited reading about your weight loss weekly and so proud of you

  3. Janet W.
    May 4, 2013 / 9:58 am

    What a great gift to give a loved one! I find that when I exercise I feel more energized and just overall healthy!

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