Be A Shield For Your Family

When you are starting a family, there are so many things that you are considering, like which doctor or midwife you will choose, where you will have your baby? Will it be a home birth or at a hospital or will it be at a birthing center, and also will you be choosing to bank the cord blood, then if you have a boy, will you be circumcising him? On top of all that you have to find a pediatrician, a reliable and trustworthy babysitter, and you have to get your registry and shop for your new family. There is a lot involved. Also, there are numerous classes to sign up for that can help prepare you, but one thing that you may overlook, one thing that is a crucial class that I think every parent, caregiver and healthcare provider needs to take is a CPR course. Now if you are in the healthcare field then you more than likely are CPR certified and you get your recertification every two years, but as a parent or a caregiver for kids, having your CPR certification should be something that is never overlooked. I know that when it comes to babies, their airways are so tiny, and it does not take much at all for them to choke. Then once they start crawling around, they start putting anything and everything in their mouths. I know, Wyatt, is one of those babies that happens to have a need to put everything he sees in his mouth. I have my CPR certification and I keep mine up to date, not only for my families sake but also because I do home health, and I need to keep up to date for my patients safety as well.  I found that when Robert was little, having the CPR training really came in handy on more than one occasion. Robert had a very rare medical condition that affected his lungs, and he would choke very easily on his own saliva, so we had many times where he had stopped breathing and we were very thankful to not only have my training but my husbands as well for the times when I was not at home. I know that you may think that you do not have the time to go and get your CPR training, or that you may be thinking you do not know where you can go, but those are just excuses, and when it comes to your family, there should not be any excuses. Recently I was introduced to a site that offers a way to where you can get your ACLS Recertification Online or you can get your ACLS Certification, so it is made easy to where you can do the training right from home. It is one of the easiest ways to make sure you can be there for your family in case of a crisis and be a shield! There are 6 steps, so instead of waiting for something bad to happen before you do something and get your training, stop what you are doing and order your kit today so that you can protect your family and become CPR Certified today!


  1. denise smith
    June 12, 2013 / 4:36 am

    I had my babies in the hospital we had planed everything out beforehand

  2. Sandy VanHoey
    June 12, 2013 / 8:44 am

    Very valuable information. I took CPR training when my kids were little. Now, I need to pass this on to my children so they can be educated with my grandchildren and know what to do.

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