Finding Dad A Soothing Gift From The Soothing Company (Fathers Day Guide)

With the big day for dear ole dad coming tomorrow, there is still time to find the perfect gift. With my husband, he is a man who likes to keep things mellow, and he likes to also keep the environment around him a calm and mellow one as well. So, I know that if I want to get him something for the office, I want to go with something that can be relaxing. Recently I was given the chance to do a review on a product from The Soothing Company, and when I saw the selection of Bonsai Trees that were available, I knew that getting my husband a Bonsai Tree would be the way to go! For years he has talked about wanting one, not only because of the calming effect they have, but also because like most men that were boys back in the 80’s, he was a fan of the Karate Kid and he always wanted a Bonsai Tree. Now we have a garden, but when it really comes down to it, my husband does not have the greenest of thumbs, so I liked that in the choices of Bonsai trees available, and they had one that was perfect for our office and perfect for my husband as well. We were sent the Dwarf Jade Bonsai Tree, which does not require a whole lot of maintenance nor a whole lot of light, which is a perfect fit for my husband and our office, and it is a very cute little Bonsai Tree!!

Aside from the Bonsai Trees which offer that soothing effect in your home or office space, you can also find an amazing selection of Ventless Fireplaces from  Soothing Company along with many other items that will make your home, office or any space a more relaxing and soothing environment! You can also find some great wall fountains over at Soothing Walls. So if you are looking for a great and relaxing gift to give dad this year for Fathers Day or some items to make your space a more relaxing environment, then check out the selection of products over at The Soothing Company!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.

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