Get Hands Free Lighting With Panther Vision

My husband is a person who is always tinkering with things, from in the garage to under the hood of a vehicle or anything else that has a motor. I know that when he is digging through tool boxes, or when he is under the truck or under the hood of a car, having light is something that he needs, and usually I am the one who will stand there and hold it for him. Then he will tell me to shine it here or there for him, so he can get things done, and here I am, stuck holding a light for however long he needs it. Frankly, holding a light can be tiring, I did it for my dad, and now for my husband, and I can not just go and look and see what they are doing, because then I ruin the lighting that they need, so I am a light holder. Well recently I was sent a pack of products that is perfect for both my husband and my dad, that I wish I had years ago, but that I will gladly give the both of them now to use so that I can no longer be the official light holder. I was sent these great products from Panther Vision. I was sent a really neat Panther Vision Powercap, which is perfect for anyone who is tinkering, going through things, and needing that extra light, but does not want to worry about the whole trying to hold a flashlight deal. I mean, the Powercap makes the lighting situation no longer a situation, it is a solution for us. My husband loves his Powercap, in fact he not only uses it when he is going through his toolbox and tinkering in the garage, but he also uses it when he needs to get things out of his drawers, he says it is because he wants to save electricity and not turn on a light, I just think he likes wearing the Powercap. Aside from the Panther Vision Powercap that we were sent, we were also sent a pair of the Light Specs, which have really come in handy for when my husband gets under his truck to work on it, or when he gets under the hood, and it also saves me from having to go under there and hold that flashlight and get dirty right along side him! The Light Specs also come in handy for night reading for anyone who does not want to wake their partner or turn on any other lights in the evenings! Another great item that we were sent, that is really great to have for our kids is the Safety Light or Safety Bug, which is perfect for putting on their bikes when they are riding around in the evenings, or for me to use when I go for walks with the baby in the evenings! In all, we found all of the products from Panther Vision to be great for us to use in our home and outside of the home, and I know that they can also be used to keep you safe while hiking and for other things that you can find them to be useful for as well! You can get your Panther Vision products by going to their website today!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.

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