#Giveaway #RC Skip Hop Johnathon Adler Light & Luxe Diaper Bag CLOSED!

I have said it before and I am not ashamed to say it again, just like my purses, a mother can never have too many diaper bags! I find that just like a purse, diaper bags are a mothers accessory and we have to accessorize in style. I love being able to be seen as the mother who is styling with the baby, you know, that mother, lol. When I choose a diaper bag to go out with, I try to make it so that it goes with the outfit that I will be heading out with, and yes, I do try to have Wyatt even match, though that does not always happen since I am a pink type girl. When I have a baby, for those first few years that I carry a diaper bag, I tend to not carry a purse unless I am out and about without the baby, which is a rare occasion, so a diaper bag is my main accessory during the baby years. With Summer here, I like to go with the brighter colors, and when it comes to my bags, I like to have ones that go with my Summer wardrobes. Recently I was sent the perfect Summer diaper bag from Skip Hop from the Johnathon Adler Light & Luxe collection. I was sent the Johnathon Adler Light & Luxe Abacus Diaper Bag to review, and with the yellows and grays, this bag is ready to go for Summer! 

One thing that I always look for when looking for a diaper bag is room, and I love that there is plenty of room in the Johnathon Adler Light & Luxe Diaper Bag!

I need the room not only to be able to carry all of Wyatt’s baby needs, but I also need to be able to carry my wallet, my keys, my phone and some of my other items that I might have carried in a purse as well as snacks for his older brother and sister and with this diaper bag I can carry all of that and not be over loaded! I can carry a couple of bottles in the insulated pockets, diapers, and with the interior zipped pockets, I can keep my makeup separate. There is also a great changing pad that comes with this diaper bag, which is always great to have for any parent. I love the Johnathon Adler Light & Luxe Abacus Diaper Bag from Skip Hop and you can too because the wonderful people from Skip Hop would like to give one of my amazing readers their own Johnathon Adler Light & Luxe Diaper Bag!

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This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.


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